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    Renea Hanks

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    It is my passion to help people grow, personally and professionally.


    How I work with people and companies to solve problems. Once the problem is presented, I get to work finding the answer. I don't leave my clients once I have solved their problem. I help them to connect with people in their industry to make deals happen.

    It is my pleasure to partner with you to create a positive experience for your customers and clients that grows your business.

  • Clarity of intention clears your path to

    successful decision making.

    -Renea Hanks


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    Dec 2013 – Present

    I build people and companies through proven strategies, systems and tools.

    Candles By Me/Inspirational Holdings

    Neuromarketing Expert 

    Feb 2001 – Present

    Marketing + Brain Science (scent, mood & memory) + Marketing Research = Neuromarketing


    Previously, I spoke at Train the Trainer as a Fragrance Educator for (PG) Procter & Gamble in Miami, Florida.

    With 16 years experience in the fragrance industry, I teach neuroscience and how the brain receives fragrance, how it affects you and how it affects your memory.

    Are you looking to increase sales and productivity? It is right underneath your nose.

    Learn what the brain is capable of and how scent sells by contacting me at 305-814-0503 for neuromarketing speaking engagements for your company or event.


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    Dallas, Texas