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  • Renea Hanks

    Consultant/Marketing Expert

    Consulting. Creating. Connecting.

  • Clarity of intention clears your path to

    successful decision making.

    -Renea Hanks


    It is my passion to help people grow, personally and professionally.


    How I work with people and companies to solve problems:

    • Diagnosis.
    • Research.
    • Solve.
    • Connect.

    It is my pleasure to partner with you to create a positive experience for your customers and clients that grows your business.

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    Sarah Renwick

    Real Estate, Texas

    In real estate, one must always be on top of technology and marketing. That is not always sales types strong suits. After researching consultants, I sought out and met Renea Hanks of Solid Solutions Today and began building tailored marketing, social media and development targets. Working with her changed my path and success in business. This new path not only being my work flow but also my ability to think and develop dreams larger than life. Her efforts gave me the inside edge and brand image I needed to compete. So much so, I have gone from working as a single real estate agent to running a team with capital partners with a 50 agent branch being our first goal. This target will be reached within 2018. My relationship with Solid Solutions Today and Ms. Hanks is everlasting and treasured.

    Jerry Dawley

    Commercial/Residential Asphalt, Colorado

    Renea is my go to person for anything internet related. Always trustworthy and she gets them in done!!! I wouldn't trust anyone else. She has taken care of Dawley Asphalt internet needs for years.

    Andrew Cucinotta

    Head of Strategic Partnerships, New York

    Renea has been one of the most tenacious, hard working, well rounded, and trustworthy partners I've ever worked with. She's an overachiever with amazing personal and networking skills. Renea has a great demeanor accompanied with a positive attitude and great follow thru skills. When she has a goal in mind, she surpasses it although challenges are thrown her way. I would recommend Renea for ANY position and or as a partner.


    Solid Solutions Today


    Dec 2013 – Present

    I build people and companies through proven strategies, systems and tools.

    Candles By Me/Inspirational Holdings

    Candle Manufacturer/Neuromarketing Expert 

    Feb 2001 – Present

    Marketing + Brain Science (scent, mood & memory) + Marketing Research = Neuromarketing


    Previously, I spoke at Train the Trainer as a Fragrance Educator for (PG) Procter & Gamble in Miami, Florida.

    With 16 years experience in the fragrance industry, I teach neuroscience and how the brain receives fragrance, how it affects you and how it affects your memory.

    Are you looking to increase sales and productivity? It is right underneath your nose.

    Learn what the brain is capable of and how scent sells by contacting me at 305-814-0503 for neuromarketing speaking engagements for your company or event.


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    Dallas, Texas